Sunday, November 30, 2008


Kroger has both Coke and Pepsi two-liter bottles on sale. Three times in less than a week there was an out-of-stock [OOS ] on the product I was seeking to buy.

Day one had and OOS on the floor.
This situation had me asking a customer service manager to check the back room. Product was found. Two units purchased.

Day two had an OOS on the floor.
This time I ask the manager on duty if he would kindly check the backroom This time there was a store OOS. Since this brand and type was what I wanted I went to another Kroger location less than a mile away. They had it in stock. One unit purchased.

Day three OOS after a partial selection.
Went to the second Kroger that had preferred product in purchase number two. This time my goal was to buy two units as today was the last day of a 4/$5 sale. This time there was only one unit left of the preferred product. Bought that one and also bought a similar product from the other guy.

Consumer Behavior: Sometimes the consumer will...
  • Flavor Shift
  • Store Shift
  • Brand Shift
  • Not Buy
The Bottom Line
Coca-Cola, CCE, and Pepsi, PBG, need to do a better job on in stock and availability for their products.

What has been you experience with out-of-stocks on food, beverages and consumer packaged goods products?

What did you do?


Anonymous said...

I am thinking that it isn't Coke and Pepsi's fault. It would be the store that mismanaged the supply. They did not order enough to cover the demand. Pepsi just stocks the stuff they don't make the order.

David Damore said...

Thanks for your comment.

Coke and Pepsi are both direct store delivery [DSD] products. This means they have their own sales force that estimates and orders product. They also have employees that merchandise the products.

Store employees are not responsible for managing these products. Both Coke and Pepsi are responsible for getting their products to the sales floor as part of their DSD role.

No product on floor equals no sales.