Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Mail Call via the United States Post Office

In today's mail was a publication from the Kroger Company. Kroger is our main supermarket. The publication is called "mymagazine™", "exclusive extras for our best customers"

What is so remarkable about this?
  • All products are private label [available exclusively at Kroger]
  • 12 coupons
  • 20 pages including front and back cover.
Main themes
  • Indulgence [vanilla cream puffs / Chocolate Oranges]
  • Holiday [stuffed olives / Black Tiger Shrimp Ring / spiral sliced ham]
  • Commodity products [frozen fruits / cheese]
  • These private label brands are only available at Kroger
  • Kroger wants to drive traffic to their stores. To drive occasion sales would increase sales at competing retailers. Using products and brands only available at Kroger accomplishes the former rather than the later.
  • Calling something "exclusive" increases the consumer interest [consumers like to be on the inside / special]

What are your thoughts?

1 comment: said...

As a business owner, I have been always negative about coupons. Why don't we just lower the price all the time?